I Choose To Be Different

I Choose to be different from the world. Here the ” World”, I am referring to the way, pattern and setting of things in this world.  Remember Romans 12:2 ” Do not be conformed ( fashioned, patterned,adapted) to this world, but be transformed( changed,metamorphosed) by the renewal of your mind ( your thinking, your judgement, views,opinions). It therefore means that the change starts with you. You choose to do something, to change your thinking and judgment, your views and opinions to conform not to the world but to the Word.

As a Christian, we should remember that the god of this world is the Devil (John 14:30), and the Devil will only praise those things that are his. Jesus speaking to the Devil, said that He,(the Devil) doesn’t make the things of God sweet. In other words, the Devil will always make the things of God seem not interesting, not cool nor fun, and would rather make the things of the world seem interesting, cool and worthy. That explains why people are naturally drawn to the things of the world and not the things of God.

The Devil is a liar, and his native language is’ lie’. Jesus clearly stated that there is NO TRUTH in the devil (John 8:44), so how could anyone believe the devil. Everything he says and does is a complete lie.

I feel sorry for Christian who try to learn from a witch/wizard who is confessing what he did as a witch or a wizard. The last time I checked, that voice talking from the witch or wizard, who is not born again and definitely not filled with the Spirit of God, can not be the voice or Word of God. So if the subject says ” ..I did that, we did that.. ” well, forget it, ignore it because it’s a lie.

Really, that’s not the voice of God but the devil speaking and when a Christian believes that lie, it becomes a snare to him. It brings fear, wrong information, and moreover, its a lie. It doesn’t matter who is asking the demon questions, it is a lie.

God never told us to learn Spiritual things from the devil. John 14:30 says ” the Prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me” wow, if Jesus is the truth, way and life, then the devil has got nothing of these. He’s got no truth to tell you, nothing to reveal to you but lies. Jesus already declared himself as the Way. Meaning if you want to know how things are done, look to Jesus. Jesus is the Truth, meaning anything else outside him is a lie. Jesus also said that the Devil is the father of lies in John 8:44. It therefore means that there’s no end or extent to which the devil can lie. He can lie about anything or anyone at anytime. He produces and manufactures lies.

In summary, all that’s in the world, all that’s told to you, are lies. Let all men be liars and only God be True. 2 Corinthians 4:4 says that The god of this world has blinded their minds ( the minds of the unbelievers) lest they should see the glorious, Wonderful, liberating light and Gospel of Christ who is the image of God.

Hence, we could say that poor vision ( not being able to see the truth and renew their mind with this truth),

I live for Him

the absence of revelation and lack of insight is the reason why people live a lie.

The one who is born again, need not to be afraid, but to be watchful lest he be deceived by the Devil. Therefore to watch and pray is to watch in the word and pray. In other words if you look in the Word, which is the truth, for Jesus said in John 17:17 ” …thy word oh God is Truth.” And we know that Jesus was declaring himself here again as the truth. For we know from the scriptures ( John 1:14) that Jesus was the Word of God made Flesh.

Therefore when a lie comes to you, you can tell its a lie because its not consistent with the Truth. It doesn’t matter how many people celebrate a lie, it wouldn’t make it a Truth.

This, therefore has given me the confidence to be different, makes me choose something else, makes me stand out, makes me wear the right outfits, say the right words, think the right thoughts, watch the right films and entertainment, listen to the right material and read the right books. It has put me in an advantage position.

Wow. Glory to God. I have chosen to be different, what about you, What would you rather choose? Please drop your reply as a comment below and share this post to spread this news.

If there’s a topic or a question that you would like me to throw more light on, kindly leave it in the comment box or kindly write me at jemimah.micah@gmail.com.

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