Marriage Is an irreversible Reaction

Marriage is an irreversible reaction between two people.

It doesn’t matter how you got in, you are in. There’s no opting out. So be careful about who you step inside with.

It’s like the iron that meets with water and gets rusted.You can’t reverse it. Or the seed that breaks out in the ground to grow, you can’t reverse it. Like the paper that burns with fire, you can’t reverse it.

Marriage is a one-way ticket. You never look back, if you do,you might turn into a pillar of salt.

Marriage is two people, that understand what love really is: it endures all things, bears all things,suffers long, and never fails.

For they have become one flesh, trying to pull out one will hurt them both. No separation will make you whole.

Seek God in your marriage, He created men and women, invented marriage and has a plan for every marriage. Never leave your partner in a fire.

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