Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

Hi there, today is a beautiful day and it happens to be one of those days that I have the opportunity to share something with you. The Truth makes us free and it is worth sharing. Let me know at the comment section just how helpful this post was and what the Lord has taught you too! Today, I am writing firstly to those people who have done all of the wonderful things that are important for staying healthy such as a great believe system, your words or confessions, and yet they somehow found themselves sick and are wondering why. Well, because you already know all of that and are doing that, thumbs up! However, I would really like to go beyond with you into some things you can consciously do for yourself in addition to what you are already doing. However, this post is in parts, and in this first part, I want to first get you cleared up with what’s not the problem with you.boy-2026283_1280

Have you ever met people whom You’d pray for, they felt better and then again the symptoms came back? It’s usually at this point that one of you will think that he needs more faith, confessions or prayers. Sadly, some will even become quiet in their pain for fear of being seen as weak, faithless etc and some give up. It’s Painful to see such people go away from your reach because they think something is wrong with them or their Faith. Today, I want to help someone come to the fact that, they don’t have any issue with their faith or God and then show you how not to be sick again. Although Faith and confessions play a vital role in getting healed, Staying healthy is primarily knowledge related.beach-1868772_1920

Concerning the subject of discussion, it became a burden in my heart  and I started praying and crying for such people as I was having such people come to me and some would ask questions and though I was strong for them, I truly did feel their pain and frustration. I knew there was something God was saying to us and I truly wanted to know.  At a point I was very quiet and separated myself because I was heavy inside. Then the Lord  answered me which is why I am writing:

  1. God wants you to know that you don’t have any problem with Faith. The opposite of Faith is fear. Fear that there’s no way out or you will die, but because you believed that God can heal you, is a clear indication that you have faith towards God and that was why you came to the Lord, to the church, that was why you prayed in the first place. Your faith in God gave you hope. Even the man in Mark 9:24, who doubted in his heart saying Lord help my unbelief still got his miracle. That man came to Jesus even though he had a little faith, he was plain to God that he believed in the power of God even though he just wasn’t sure if God was gonna do it. His Faith and hope was in God, but his heart was weak from the constant frustration and delay he had faced each time he expected a miracle in the past. Well, the good thing was that in spite of his unbelief, his Faith in the healing power of God did not change and so he kept going to the Lord. This is where some people are and if you have reached that point, hang on, keep trusting him in the fire, because that’s a sign that your faith is still very much alive. The man’s reply to Jesus “Lord I believe, help my unbelief” shows us that he had Faith in the power of God though he doubted that it was gonna happen for him that very day, and that doubt came as a result of  his experience with the disciples who had tried to cast the devil out but couldn’t. (Sometimes you doubted as a result of the previous times you thought you were gonna see the miracle but you didn’t. That didn’t mean you don’t believe God can heal you anymore, rather you just weren’t sure about the time of your miracle. well, God can help you too even at that place you are, if you ask him in Faith to help your unbelief like this man cried out in sincerity). You already have enough faith to be well. Faith is not complicated so don’t complicate it.jesus-with-a-child Be like Children, they don’t need to struggle to have faith in their parents. If Jesus said all you needed was a mustard seed Faith, then you already have more than enough Faith, because Faith Himself comes by hearing the Word of God, and you probably have heard a lot of it, which is why you believed that God can make you free. The only way Jesus could help his (the man) unbelief was to heal his son. Had Jesus not done anything, that would have been the day that the Man’s Faith in the Love and mercy of God would have fallen, yet it was only possible because this man had faith that God could not only heal his son but that God could help his unbelief. Your faith no matter how small, can still bring in your miracle. The good news is, you already have it. Believe it and use it.
  2. Though Faith can heal and make you whole, Faith is not what prevents you from being sick but what you do with your Faith will keep you well. If not, why would a believer ever get sick knowing every Christian already has Faith (Romans 12:3)?  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17), and if the word of God is the sword of the spirit,which is a weapon as shown in Ephesians 6:17 (weapons are for fighting). Then clearly your weapon of fighting is the Word of God and not your Faith. Your Faith is rather a shield, shield from fear and lies of the devil and all thoughts that are not consistent with the Word of God. Your Faith as a shield is to be exercised by you like the soldier in a battle field. Though he has his sword to fight with, he uses his shield to protect himself from the enemies attack. His victory however, depends on how skillful and how watchful he is. If he decides to fight with his shield he may get into more trouble.romans-60601 Faith is supposed to cause us to do something or else, our faith is dead, for Faith without works is dead. What works then you may ask? If you study the scripture where this verse was recorded ( James 2:14-26), you will clearly see, that he wasn’t referring to spiritual works or the works of Jesus at this particular point, but rather what you do on the outside based on what you have believed on the inside. For anything you have Faith about, there are certain works that you can do to keep your Faith alive towards God. For example,pregnant-163572 A pregnant woman who goes ahead to shop for her unborn baby, does that because she has faith that her child is coming soon. Her faith in the successful term of her pregnancy and child-birth caused her to go shopping. Imagine a man who just switches on his TV set, without even praying first. He did not need to pray before he switched it on because he knew, he had faith that it was going to work. The day he switches it on as usual and the TV set doesn’t respond, it would therefore be false and wrong to assume that  he had no faith that day. contrarily, he had faith and that was why he switched on the TV in the first place. That just shows us that for the TV set to stay working, did not depend on how much Faith he had in the TV rather, his Faith ( confidence that the TV will work) is what caused him to do something( to try to switch it on), and his faith that this TV could work again will also cause him to try to fix it. What is your Faith in Divine health causing you to do? Are you praying to have faith or do you pray because you have faith.? if you are praying to have faith then you already have faith because it takes Faith to believe that God hears you when you pray.believe-197091
  3.  You don’t have to confess so that you could have divine health, rather you have to become convinced that you have divine health and therefore you talk about it boldly which is what confession really is. Confessions are your beliefs voiced out in conviction. What that means is, you are convinced and bold about your beliefs so you say it whether to tell others around you, yourself or environment. It’s an outward announcement of the things we strongly believe in our hearts. That’s why the Bible says that  Jesus is the High Priest of our confession ( The High priest of our beliefs which we speak for all to hear, our conviction that we preach,our message-the Gospel). To receive salvation, we first had to believe in the heart and then we announced our beliefs with the mouth, i.e confession. For you can’t boldly announce a belief that you haven’t first believed and are convinced about. Moreover, Confessions don’t keep the devil away, but the authority in the name of Jesus, and you need to be convinced about this truth to be bold to cast out devils. Remember when God announced Jesus as his beloved son, in whom he was well pleased, that was a confession of what God was strongly convinced of. That didn’t mean Jesus wasn’t gonna have Satan try to confront him based on God’s confession by tempting him. Understand this, because you believe something and you are bold to say it, doesn’t mean the devil will not confront it. If the Devil confronted Jesus, he will confront you too,and he will confront all that God has said to you. So if you were confessing to keep the devil away, you will be frustrated when he shows up. We believe that we have divine health in Christ, therefore we Speak, because we believe (2 Corinthians 4:13).isolated-1188036In Hebrews 3:1, the Greek Word translated as Confession is “Homologia” and this word is also translated in English as Profession, like in the King James version, which is also very accurate, because homologia means whom we profess to be ours. This same Word is sometimes translated as ” Acknowledgment” meaning whom you have come to acknowledge yourself as. That’s to explain what confession are in simple terms ” YOUR PROFESSION, WHO YOU ARE”. For example, A doctor by profession will always say (confess) that he is a doctor, it would not matter where he is or how he is dressed, he believes it and he is bold about it even if he is not practicing at the moment. That doctor is not in any way declaring that he is a doctor, so that he could become a doctor rather he is sure of who he is and is bold to tell anybody without fear or doubt. Your confession therefore is who you know and believe you are and not so you could become. Your confessions are not just words, they are your strong convictions.
  4.  The devil is not a factor even though he plays a role. He (the devil) only comes from the windows we open up, because He is a thief. Jesus said that the thief comes in through the window. Jesus also said that if the owner of the house knew what hour the thief will come, he will guard his house lest the thief should break in and steal from him.(Mathew 24:43)

Understand this; your body  is the house of your spirit and your Spirit is the custodian of that house. As the custodian of the house you would only welcome in guests and friends through the door, but you wouldn’t want to welcome in thieves. The thief therefore has to break in at an hour that you are not watching. That’s why  Jesus instructed us to watch and pray. But sadly, some Christians tend to only pray when all seem fine and while some  others do pray, they don’t keep watch of what’s coming in and around until things seem rough. However, if we all watch and pray, we will not have the thief come in and steal, kill and destroy. People tend to call the police to their house after the thief had already broken in and stolen from them and then they expect the police to magically find out why, how and who. Don’t be a christian that lets sickness in before he starts watching.

Now let’s recap the major points:

  • firstly, you don’t have any problem with Faith, you already have faith, or else why did you expect to be healed in Jesus name?
  • This Faith makes you do something  to bring out the perfect health you are so convinced about, and we are gonna look at that.
  • Your confessions are not primarily to keep you from falling sick, but they are your convictions voiced out to give you a health consciousness which is important to help you stay healthy.
  • The devil or  afflictions are not bold to walk in to your life, so they look out for some open windows in your life and creep in, and that’s why some people don’t even know how the sickness started.

Right now, your Faith and conviction in divine health have become a driving force to search out this matter. Your belief that you ought to bask in perfect health has created a desire in you to find out how. This is one of the works we put in our faith to keep it alive.person-1039148 Having understood this, rejoice because you have no problem. Receive God’s peace now and embrace His love. He wants you in perfect health, so He gave you Faith and told you who you are ( your profession-confession). Believe it, be bold about it and be thankful. In my next post I will share more with you about the things you should know to take you to another level of supernatural health. God bless you!









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