Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

Hi there, today is a beautiful day and it happens to be one of those days that I have the opportunity to share something with you. The Truth makes us free and it is worth sharing. Let me know at the comment section just how helpful this post was and what the Lord has taught … Continue reading Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1


Don't you think so? well, just before anyone says "your best wasn't good enough", let's try to compare that with the case of a student. some of us, back in school, we had always wanted to be the best in the class, we were good, very good actually, we studied very well, but at the … Continue reading CHILD,I DID MY BEST.

lyrics “You Are the Man – Single” by Jemmy Jee

Get Mp3: on iTunes , get on amazon, on google play https://open.spotify.com/album/4WR4tglI8wcf65NIWrYGy9 You're the one, super man You're the one, my hero (2x) You are the man The world cannot match You are the one, born  of the Word You are , you are The image of God We've heard and seen That you're a winner man You … Continue reading lyrics “You Are the Man – Single” by Jemmy Jee


Contrary to the idea that everyone knows what love is, most people are yet to know that love is not a feeling. I have every reason to shout it loud that love is not a feeling. Love is not an emotion rather, feelings are emotions and they are run by nerves and hormones where as … Continue reading WHAT OR WHO IS LOVE?

Lyrics: On this Christmas

Artist: Jemmy Jee, Album title: Merry Christmas song: On this Christmas.   Thought I should sing to you, on this Christmas, a special song to say merry Christmas, But understand this, on this Christmas Unto us a child is born. Understand this,the very essence, That unto us a son is given. SO   His will, His views, His … Continue reading Lyrics: On this Christmas