26 Positive Changes that have occured in me As I Grow.

In my time of reflection, I compared myself to me and took notes of certain metamorphosis that has occurred in me. Believe me, after looking through I couldn't tell what to expect in the next few years but, I can gladly say that I have surpassed the person I was. Among the many things I … Continue reading 26 Positive Changes that have occured in me As I Grow.

Just How Often Should One go to Church?

I still believe you have to read this.

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There are  lots of debates on this subject, some argue that it doesn’t matter how often you go to church, others say once a week, some others even say that the church is in your heart so stay at home. For some others, one should go to Church as often as possible and for some, so long as there is a service in your church you should be there.

Well, in the midst of all these, one of these arguments will have to be correct and the other four wrong.  I would like to say that when it comes to the things of the spirit, especially as relating to your Faith and God, you don’t need assumptions. You can’t assume that what you think is the right thing. What you need is truth. The bible says and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John…

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6 Reasons People Walk Away.

In whatever kind of relationship, here are the 6 likely reasons one person pulled away. Bear in mind that these reasons could be expounded upon depending on the relationship. 1. THEY DIDN'T TRULY KNOW YOU: Usually, in a relationship, each person has an idea of who they think their partner is, and so relate to … Continue reading 6 Reasons People Walk Away.

1 person you shouldn’t reject another day

As we walk the earth, and go through every phase of life, there comes a time of rejection in each of our lives. No matter how much you believe that you cannot be rejected, you will be rejected someday, somewhere, by someone. Even God is rejected daily by folks who don't know him nor believe … Continue reading 1 person you shouldn’t reject another day