Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

Hi there, today is a beautiful day and it happens to be one of those days that I have the opportunity to share something with you. The Truth makes us free and it is worth sharing. Let me know at the comment section just how helpful this post was and what the Lord has taught … Continue reading Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

I Wanted More and I Got More.

Growing up Christmas had always been the long awaited day and holiday, not only to me but to all the kids in my neighborhood, all families, churches and even the pagan on the street. It's not surprising that it still is for most people today. why not? we usually have a great weather, great food, … Continue reading I Wanted More and I Got More.


The waiting period is one time every one is acquainted with. We have been told at different points in our lives to wait for many and different things, and each time we get in there some people give up because nobody told them what it meant nor how to wait and win. The waiting period … Continue reading THE WAITING AND THE HOW