Don't you think so? well, just before anyone says "your best wasn't good enough", let's try to compare that with the case of a student. some of us, back in school, we had always wanted to be the best in the class, we were good, very good actually, we studied very well, but at the … Continue reading CHILD,I DID MY BEST.


Contrary to the idea that everyone knows what love is, most people are yet to know that love is not a feeling. I have every reason to shout it loud that love is not a feeling. Love is not an emotion rather, feelings are emotions and they are run by nerves and hormones where as … Continue reading WHAT OR WHO IS LOVE?

4 Amazing Qualities of a Supportive Person

Hey there, today a thought just got materialized after I woke up from an encounter with the Spirit of wisdom. who doesn't want to have that friend, worker or spouse that will always stand by and be supportive, or at least how can you identify such people from the start of your relationship? What I … Continue reading 4 Amazing Qualities of a Supportive Person